Report an abandoned vehicle

Key facts:

We will only investigate vehicles that have no tax, no known keeper, are not registered as 'off the road' (SORN), and are: 

  • Stationary for a considerable time with poor internal and external condition.
  • Significantly damaged, rundown, unlocked or not roadworthy (flat tyres, missing wheels, broken windows etc).
  • Vandalised or burned out.
  • Missing both number plates.
  • Please be aware we can only remove vehicles on private land with the permission of the landowner.

Before filling in this form, please visit the government website (opens in new window) to check if the vehicle has tax/MOT, or is SORN (registered as ‘off the road’). If it does, please do not report it using this form, as we cannot investigate it.

However you can:

  • Report it to the DVLA (opens in new window) if it is registered as 'off the road' (SORN), but is parked on the road.
  • Report it to Staffordshire Police on 101 if it is parked in a dangerous manner or is causing a public obstruction.
  • Fill in our anti-social behaviour report form if it is causing a nuisance, e.g. inconsiderate parking, neighbour disputes, blocked access etc.

As part of this form, we will ask you for your email address. This is so we can keep you up to date on what we will do to resolve/address your issue. 

Please fill in this form to report vehicles with no tax, no MOT, no known keeper, no SORN, and in a poor condition.