Apply/renew three-year taxi driver application form

Key facts:

Please fill in this form to apply for or renew a taxi driver licence. To find out how much a licence costs, view our fees. Before you start, please read our guidance notes.

Before you start, please make sure you have the following information ready:

  • Your national insurance number
  • Your eight digit DVLA check code
  • Your UK driving licence
  • A digital passport style photograph you can upload
  • Your DBS certificate number (if you are signed up to DBS update service)
  • Your DVLA Group 2 standard medical certificate
  • Your credit or debit card
  • From 4 April 2022 applicants will need to confirm they have completed a tax check and the 9 character tax check code must be provided as part of the application process

About the DVLA check code
To get your eight digit DVLA code visit and enter your driver number. This is the 16 digit string of numbers/letters found at field 5 of your UK plastic card driving licence. You will also need your national insurance number and postcode, as it appears on your driving licence.

About the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) update service
You must have a DBS certificate and be signed up to the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) update service.

Even if you have had a DBS check in the past (perhaps for your current licence), unless you signed up to the DBS update service within 30 days of receiving your certificate, you will have to undergo a new DBS check as part of this application. The DBS check costs £52.00 and we will take payment for this as part of the online form, and send you further instructions. Once you receive your certificate, you need to sign up directly through the government website for the DBS update service within 30 days. Find out more.

If you are signed up to the DBS update service, you will need to enter your DBS certificate number. The number starts with 00.

About your right to work in the UK
You must provide original copies of your right to work in the UK, even if you are a UK citizen. After you have submitted your application, we will ask you to visit our offices to show us your evidence. If you are renewing your licence, we may not ask to see your evidence again.

Driving assessment
If you are a new applicant, you will be required to take a driving assessment which costs £79. Payment will be taken as part of this form. Once you have applied, your details will be passed to Staffordshire County Council who will arrange the driving assessment directly with you.

Medical assessment
As part of your application you must undergo a DVLA Group 2 standard medical to show you are fit to drive.

Drivers/applicants will need to provide a medical certificate following a DVLA Group 2 standard medical examination carried out by their own GP or another appropriate doctor:

  • On initial application
  • At every licence renewal application from age 45 (every 3 years)

  • At age 65 and annually after that

  • At any other time if a doctor determines that you require more frequent medical examinations

When a Group 2 medical is not required at renewal, the applicant must complete a self-declaration form with their renewal application to confirm that there have not been any changes to their health since the last medical examination.

Existing drivers aged under 45 will need to submit a Medical Certificate at next renewal, and then not again until their next renewal on reaching age 45.

About your residential history
If you have lived outside the UK in the past five years, for six months or more, we will need to see a ‘certificate of good character’ from the relevant embassy/country - find out more. Once you have submitted your online application we will ask you to visit our offices to show us your certificate.

NR35 Register search
In accordance with Section 2 of Taxis and Private Hire Vehicles (Safeguarding and Road Safety) Act 2022 a search will be made of the NR3S Register to identify any entries relating to you. Your personal data will be placed on the Register if at any time your licence is revoked, suspended or an application or licence renewal is refused. Information on the NR3S Register will be retained for up to 11 years. The Register is run by NAFN