Noise nuisance complaint

Key facts:

We investigate complaints about ongoing/repeated noise -  if it is affecting you at your home/business property, including:

  • Neighbourhood noise – such as repeated music, house/car alarms, DIY at unreasonable hours, barking dogs/other pet noise etc.
  • Noise from commercial premises – such as music, noisy customers, ventilation systems, alarms etc.
  • Noise from industrial/manufacturing premises – such as construction, demolition, alarms etc.

We will not usually investigate noise complaints about:

  • Children playing.
  • One-off party or celebration.
  • Normal household noise during reasonable hours, such as washing machines and tumble driers, doors shutting, flushing toilets, footsteps, and talking.
  • Issues caused by houses having poor sound insulation.
  • Road traffic and rail noise.
  • Aircraft – find out more about aircraft noise.

We do not operate a 24 hour response to noise complaints. Our office is open Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm.

We recommend you contact the noisemaker before making a complaint

Contacting the noisemaker may resolve the problem more quickly and often leads to a better long term solution. If you are comfortable to do so – why not download our letter template.

Recording/logging the noise

This form asks for your agreement to take part in logging the noise issue. Once you submit your form, we will provide you with a log sheet. These help us assess the scale of the issue and the impact on your life. If you do not submit the log sheets, after a period of one calendar month, we will assume the noise issue is not ongoing and we will close your case.

Anonymous complaints

We are sorry but we cannot take anonymous complaints because we cannot take enforcement action without assessing the impacts of the problem on your life/business.

Please use this form to report ongoing/repeated noise. We will ask you for your email address, so we can keep you up to date on what we will do to resolve/address your issue.