Make a workplace health and safety complaint

We help to ensure local workplaces are healthy and safe by enforcing laws through routine inspections. We also investigate complaints about dangerous incidents, serious accidents and unsafe practices.

We will investigate complaints including:

  • unsafe practices in the workplace
  • unsafe workplace premises
  • concerns about welfare in the workplace
  • unreported accidents in the workplace
  • If your complaint is about poor or unsafe conditions in private rented accommodation, please complete private landlord complaint form.
  • If your complaint is about hedgerows, overhanging trees, street lighting, road works, potholes or pavements, please report it to Staffordshire County Council.

What happens after I submit a complaint?

After you have submitted your complaint we may contact you to discuss the matter in more detail. After this we will normally contact the organisation/business concerned and visit the premises to investigate the reported complaint/incident.

Can I make an anonymous complaint?

Whilst all the information you give us will be handled in complete confidence, we are sorry but we are unable to investigate anonymous complaints. If your matter is sensitive and you are worried about work place repercussions then please let the environmental health team know when we contact you after submitting the form.