Report a change in circumstances

If you receive help with your rent through us (housing benefit) and/or help towards your council tax bill (local council tax support) you need to let us know if your circumstances change - the following are changes that you must report:

  • You move home - report a change of address.
  • You or your partner start work or change jobs.
  • Your rent changes.
  • You or your partner have any changes in your income or capital.
  • Anyone in your household has a change in income.
  • You or your partner are paid overtime or you have variable earnings that are much higher or lower than the figure used in your claim.
  • Someone moves into or moves out of your house. 
  • Your child benefit stops.
  • Your childcare costs change or stop.
  • If you start to receive universal credit or you have a change in your award.
  • You or your partner’s employment support allowance, income support, jobseekers allowance, pension credit or universal credit stops.
  • If you receive the savings credit element of pension credit and your savings go above £16,000.

How to report a change

To report a change in circumstances you will need to provide the following information:

  • Surname
  • Date of birth
  • National insurance number
  • Post code
  • Your claim reference

You will also need to upload scanned/photocopied/photo evidence of any changes to your claim - for example if your rent has changed we will need to see your new tenancy agreement or rent book.

Please note: this form is not compatible with internet explorer 11. 

Report a change of circumstances

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Please note: Our benefits system is not available between 2am & 2.15am (Monday - Thursdays) and 2am & 4am (early Saturday mornings) to allow for maintenance to take place. Please do not use our benefits system between these times, as you may lose your data. Thank you.