Business rate reliefs

We recognise the importance of businesses to the local economy and understand the challenges they face.

We also recognise the contribution of voluntary, charitable and non-profit making organisations to the district, who may also be subject to business rates.

The business rates system includes mandatory reliefs and discretionary powers that allow us to reduce the business rates we charge in certain circumstances.

In addition to mandatory reliefs, such as small business rate relief and retail relief, the following may be eligible for discretionary rate relief:

  • Charities and community amateur sports clubs in receipt of mandatory relief (top up).
  • Non-profit making organisations.
  • Properties within a rural settlement.
  • Partially occupied properties.
  • Organisations suffering severe hardship.
  • Organisations that do not fit in to the above criteria and the council considers it reasonable.
  • Organisations as directed by central government policy.

We carefully consider every discretionary business rate relief application on its merits and consider the contribution an organisation that is applying for a relief makes to our local economy and community.

Read our business rates discretionary relief policy to find out more.

If you think your business/organisation may be eligible for business rate relief (either mandatory or discretionary): 

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