Lost dogs

Dogs we have found

If we pick up your dog as a stray, we will check it for any form of identity, such as a dog tag, microchip or tattoo. If our dog warden finds your dog and it can be identified, we will contact you to reunite you with your dog.

If we can't identify a stray dog, we will search our lost dog register. If a report matches the description of the dog, we will contact the person who reported it as lost. If we can't identify the owner, we will take the dog to boarding kennels. If your dog has incomplete, incorrect or no identification, we will take it straight to the kennels. If you can offer a home to a rescue dog, find out more by emailing City Dogs Home or by calling them on 01782 304130.

We post all dogs that we have found on an external website, alongside other locally reported found dogs. View local found dogs on the Animal Search UK website.

Dog collection fee

Before you can claim your dog, you must pay the fee in full.

  • Category 1 - If the dog is tagged or microchipped, there is a collection charge of £20, plus any kennelling costs and veterinary fees incurred.
  • Category 2 - If dog has no identification, there is a £25 fine, plus any kennelling costs and veterinary fees incurred.