Nationally listed buildings

About listed buildings

A statutory listed building has been formally declared to be of special architectural or historic interest by being placed on statutory lists under the Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Act 1990. Listing ensures that the architectural and historic interest of the building is carefully considered before any alterations, either outside or inside, are agreed.

Historic England maintains a national heritage list for England that lists all listed buildings in the country and district. You can search by area or postcode:

Find out if your home/business is listed

If you own a listed building and want to carry out any work or have any queries, please first contact us before you make an application:

Contact us about listed building consent

We can advise you informally whether your proposals are likely to be accepted. This could save you time and money. We deal with the majority of listed building consent cases and will give you the appropriate form for making your application (there is no fee for such applications). Your application will need to include enough information to show clearly what you intend to do, with detailed scaled drawings and photographs.

It is also nearly always best to employ an architect who is used to working with listed buildings at an early stage for work on extensions and alterations involving historic fabric. He or she will have the necessary skills to be aware of where likely difficulties and sensitive areas will be and can draw up sketch proposals, if necessary, for discussion with officers before hard and fast decisions are taken.

Alternatively contact our team:

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