Locally listed buildings

The Local List

The Local List of Buildings is a list drawn up by Lichfield District Council to note buildings and structures which are of historic and/or architectural interest, of good design quality, and which make a significant contribution to the character of the locality. It is commonly known as the Local List. While inclusion on the Local List will be taken into account to inform planning decisions, it is not the same as a National Listing. Nationally Listed Buildings are decided by the Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) and this designation does come with some restrictions.

The Local List is one of a range of tools that the Council can use to help protect historic buildings within the District. Maintaining a local list is an established way for local councils and communities to identify and celebrate historic buildings, archaeological sites and designed landscapes which enrich and enliven their area.

The Local List currently consists of over 500 buildings and structures, all within designated conservation areas, which have been identified as part of the programme of Conservation Area Appraisals. 

Some are within conservation areas which have been identified as part of the programme of conservation area appraisals and management plans and some have been identified as part of a parish by parish survey.

A full list of all of the buildings and structures already on the Local List can be found below.