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Evidence checklist

This checklist gives more information on the type of evidence we will accept to support your housing benefit and/or council tax support application:

Identity – This could be a utility bill, passport, driving licence, benefit letter, birth certificate, marriage certificate, bank or building society statement.

If you have previously received housing benefit or council tax support from us, we will not need to see proof of your and your partners’ national insurance number or two forms of identity. Neither will we need this information if you have already provided it to the Department for Work & Pensions and your claim is based on income support, income-related employment support allowance, income-based job seekers allowance, universal credit or pension credit.

National insurance number – This could be a national insurance card, pay slip, tax credit benefit.

Dependent children – This could be a child benefit letter or bank statement confirming amount of child benefit received, from which we can calculate the number of children. Or you can provide birth certificates for children under 5.

Non-dependants – See sections below relating to students, paid employment, self-employed and other income.

Students – This could be a student certificate giving details of the period of study, type of course and number of weekly hours of study. Or a student award confirming student, bursary, grant or loan income.

Paid employment – Please provide the last three fortnightly, two monthly or five weekly payslips.

Self-employed – Please provide the last twelve months of audited accounts or book keeping records. If you are only supplying book keeping records and your books are not summarised, you may need to complete a summary sheet to show your net profit.

Other income – Please provide proof of the income received.  If you receive state pension, tax credits, income support, employment support allowance, job seekers allowance, disability benefit, attendance allowance, personal independence payments, bereavement benefit or maternity allowance, we do not need to see your award letters as this information can be verified with the Department for Work & Pensions.

Capital – Please provide three months’ bank statements for all accounts and investments, including post office and current accounts. If you are of working age, we need to see proof of all your capital over £6,000. If you are state pension age, you need to provide proof of capital over £10,000.  However, in certain circumstances we may ask to see proof of all your capital.

Rent – Please provide your tenancy agreement, rent statement, rent increase letter or rent book.  If you pay rent to a private landlord, proof of rent payments.

Childcare  – Please provide an invoice or letter from your childcare provider.