Complaints, compliments and suggestions policy

How it relates to/underpins our strategic ambitions

As a council we will put the customer at the heart of everything we do. Working collaboratively with customers to ensure we are transparent and accountable.

We are committed to creating a culture where complaints are welcomed and are used to review and improve the services we provide and want to deal with complainants in ways that are open, fair and proportionate.

Our customer promise includes the following commitment to:

  • Make it easy to report a complaint, comment or compliment.
  • Acknowledge all complaints within five working days.
  • Provide a full response within 20 working days wherever possible, or let you know when we will respond in full.
  • Treat complaints confidentially, unless we have the complainant’s permission to share, while making sure we are fair to everyone concerned.
  • Let you know how to take your complaint further if you are not satisfied with our response.
  • Say sorry when we are at fault and do our very best to put things right.
  • Record complaints, comments and compliments and use them to review and improve our services.

In responding to complaints we will normally require that the complaint is made within 12 months of the complainant knowing about the problem. This is because where there is a significant delay in raising the concern it is more difficult to investigate and resolve the matter.

However if there are exceptional circumstances, e.g. due to ill health then a complaint that is more than 12 months old may be considered.