Market research we carry out

From time to time we may carry out market research to help us find out local people's views, make decisions and improve our services.

This could be anything from what people think of a particular service we deliver, through to local shopping or work habits.

How do we carry out research?

We may carry out the research ourselves, or we may appoint a company to help us.

If you are contacted by a market researcher who says they are working for Lichfield District Council and want to check that the caller is genuine, please ask the caller for the name of the officer who has commissioned the research. Then call our customer services line on 01543 308000 and ask to speak to the officer to check. The market researcher will have been instructed to offer you this information.

If the officer is not available, please leave a message and they will get back to you. All market researchers working on our behalf will understand if you ask them to contact you another day, and will not pressure you into taking part if you do not wish to.

Do not disclose personal confidential information

Market researchers working on our behalf will never ask you to disclose private and confidential information, such as your bank details.

Taking part is voluntary

All market research we carry out is voluntary and whilst we are very grateful to all those who take part in any surveys we carry out, we understand that you may not wish to take part. If you do not wish to take part, please tell the market researcher this and our market researcher will respect your decision.

All data provided to us as part of any market research we carry out will be stored in accordance with the Data Protection Act.

Worried about a bogus caller?

If you suspect you have been contacted by a bogus caller and want to report it, please contact the national Action Fraud team.