Burntwood - Council tax bands and funding by parish

Bands and total yearly charges

The amount you pay each year depends on your property’s valuation band. The lower the band you are in, the less you will pay. This is also affected by the parish you live in, as the amount each parish council charges differs.

Use the below table to find out how much your council tax charge will be this financial year (2023/24). The figures do not include any discounts you may receive.

Band Amount
A £1,364.49
B £1,591.91
C £1,819.33
D £2,046.75
E £2,501.58
F £2,956.41
G £3,411.24
H £4,093.49
How much your parish council receives

Your local parish gets a proportion of money from your council tax bill to deliver local services.

This table shows how much your parish council needs to raise in total through council tax this year, compared to last year and the percentage it has increased or decreased.

It also shows the amount your parish council will receive from the average council tax bill (band D).

2022/23 Precept (£)


2022/23 Band D (£)

2023/24 Precept (£) £362,782
2023/24 Band D (£) £42.85

No change


As the precept is more than £140,000, this is broken below:


Administration £249,184
Other £217,997
Income -£104,399
Amount of precept £362,782


Administration £172,608
Other £281,571
Income -£95,656
Amount of precept £358,523