Council tax bands and appeals

Most homes are required to pay council tax.

We issue one council tax bill to each home in the district - whether it is a house, bungalow, flat, maisonette, mobile home or houseboat, and whether it is owned or rented.

The amount of council tax you pay is affected by the valuation band your home is in. Each home is placed into one of eight bands by the Government's Valuation Office Agency (VOA) - find out more about the VOA.

Your property's band is based on its historic market capital value at 1 April 1991:

Band A (Up to and including £40,000) 
Band B (£40,001 to £52,000)
Band C (£52,001 to £68,000) 
Band D (£68,001 to £88,000) 
Band E (£88,001 to £120,000)
Band F (£120,001 to £160,000)
Band G (£160,001 to £320,000) 
Band H (More than £320,000)

If the Valuation Office Agency has not yet banded your home because it is new, we will use a provisional band estimated on the purchase price.

To find out which band your home is in, visit our online council tax portal or visit the Valuation Office Agency (VOA) website. Just enter your postcode or billing authority (in this case Lichfield) and the first line of your address.

The results page will display a billing authority reference number, your full postal address and the band within which your property falls. The page also confirms whether it is a composite address (ie) where only a part is used for domestic purposes within a single occupation.

Find out how much council tax you will pay, based on your council tax band.

Visit our benefits section if you need help paying your council tax or rent.

Find out how to appeal a local council tax support decision