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Apply for help with your council tax bill

Local council tax support helps people on a low income pay their council tax bill. You do not have to be unemployed, or unable to work, to claim council tax support.

If you are entitled to support, you won't receive a payment - instead, we'll take the amount you are entitled to off your council tax bill.

If your bill is not entirely discounted, you will still have to pay the remaining balance over the course of the year. We'll set out how much you need to pay in your council tax bill.

There are two different schemes available:

Working-age income banded scheme

Working-age claimants recieve support under a locally designed scheme. Download our scheme regulations to find out more.

Apply for working-age scheme

Pension-age scheme

Pension-age claimants receive support under the government set scheme.

Apply for pension-age scheme

If you have any queries relating to the scheme in operation up until 31 March 2023, please call the team on 01543 308900 or email