Call for sites

Lichfield District Council is carrying out a ‘Call for Sites’ to help identify additional land for future various uses within the district to be identified at the forthcoming stages of our Local Plan Review process.

We are asking interested parties to suggest sites they think would be suitable to help meet the future needs of the district through the Call for Sites process. The Call for Sites is an essential piece of evidence to support the Local Plan Review process.

Please note: Submitting a site through the call for sites process does not indicate that it will be allocated or successfully obtain permission for development.

New sites should be submitted through the Call for Sites process where you wish this to be considered as part of the ongoing work on the Local Plan Review.

Information received will be also used to inform the evidence base supporting the review of the Local Plan, including future editions of the Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment, the Employment Land Availability Assessment and the Brownfield Land Register amongst others.

The submission of a site through the Call for Sites process only places the site before the council for consideration as a potential site for future development. The inclusion of any site within this process does not indicate that it will be allocated or successfully obtain planning permission for development.

If you would like to submit a site for consideration, please complete the call for sites form which and provide a map of the site showing a clear site boundary. You can download forms below: 

Call for sites form (pdf)
Call for sites form (word)

You can email the completed call for sites form and a map to

or by post to:

Spatial Policy and Delivery
District Council House
Frog Lane
WS13 6YZ

The information we receive will be mapped and entered into a database and will be used to inform the preparation of the Local Plan.

Call for sites schedule

View the call for sites schedule.