Environmental & habitat evidence

The sky is clear blue and the spires of Lichfield Cathedral are visible above green trees. In the foreground, there are white houses, poppies and green fields.

Environmental evidence base studies assist in the understanding our natural environment and emerging issues including climage change, renewable energy, low carbon, flooding and air quality.

This includes:

  • Air quality - evidence base documents relating to air quality - view and download evidence.
  • Climate change, renewable and low carbon energy - evidence relating to climate change, renewable and low carbon energy - view and download evidence.
  • Strategic flood risk asssessment - a strategic flood risk assessment (SFRA) is a high-level assessment of flood risk carried out by or for planning authorities as part of the authority's evidence base - view and download evidence.
  • Surface water management plan - the reports follow the requirements of Defra's draft Surface Water Management Plan (SWMP) guidance - view and download evidence.
  • Water cycle study - this report has followed the requirements of the Environment Agency's water cycle study guidance. It assesses the constraints and requirements that will arise from the scale of the proposed growth on the water infrastructure of southern Staffordshire - view and download evidence.
  • Habitat regulations assessment - assesses the impacts of the land use plans against the conservation objectives of Natura 2000 wildlife sites and RAMSAR sites - view and download evidence.