Food inspections and ratings

About our inspections

We inspect all businesses that sell or handle food in the district, from the largest processors and manufacturers, to service providers, such as child minders who may supply meals or snacks to children in their care. The frequency we will visit businesses depend on the risk they pose.

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The risk is assessed by considering factors such as how many customers the business has, condition of structure, confidence in management, and how clean it is. We will give each factor a score based on the national food safety system which determines when the next visit will be.

The higher the total risk rating score businesses receive, the more frequently a business is visited. The lower the score it receives, the less frequently they are visited.

This helps us to drive up standards of food hygiene, by concentrating on those businesses that need to improve their standards.

As part of the inspection process, our team will put together a report detailing the standards observed, together with any breaches that need improvement and a time limit to put them right.

Businesses' food hygiene ratings are published on the government's national food safety system