Planning privacy notice

Planning applications and the associated supporting information is published lawfully as part of the Statutory Register of applications. This information is held manually and electronically by Lichfield District Council.

The General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) gives rights to you about how your personal data is obtained and used by Lichfield District Council (the 'data controller').

When submitting a planning application, the information you provide will be used to process the planning application and any subsequent appeal (should one be lodged) and will be retained by us as part of the planning register, in exercising its official authority and in performing a task in the public interest, in accordance with planning legislation. We will also share information you have provided, including with other departments of the council, members of the public and certain organisations, such as statutory and non-statutory consultees and the Planning Inspectorate, as is required by statute. 

Before information is displayed on our website, we will make every effort to blank out personal information such as, personal telephone numbers, email addresses and signatures on documents submitted to the development management department.

However, anyone wishing to view the original application files (manually) will be able to view this information in its entirety when visits are made to the district council offices.

We, along with the Planning Portal, are encouraging applicants and members of the public to use the online facilities available for making planning applications and commenting on them.

If you have any concerns about how your data is processed or retained, then please email our planning development manager.

Alternatively you may wish to email our data protection officer or you can complain to the Information Commissioner