Garden waste subscription 2023

Tamworth and Lichfield working together for a greener future logoWe will be accepting new subscriptions for 2023 sign-ups very shortly.

Please only subscribe to this service if you live in/your property is in Lichfield District or Tamworth Borough.

If you would like your garden bin(s) emptied in 2023, you will need to sign up to our garden waste scheme. It costs £36 per garden bin - for a maximum of 23 collections, depending on when you sign up.

It's best to sign up early in the year to benefit from the most collections. Regardless of when you sign up during the year, your annual garden waste subscription will always end in December. Once you have filled in the form, you will be asked for your debit/credit card to make a payment. We will then send you a sticker within ten working days to put on your bin. Please note bins that are not displaying a valid sticker will not be emptied.

Your garden waste bin(s) will be emptied every fortnight (apart from over the Christmas period and into the New Year), unless other factors such as very bad weather or operational issues stop the service from running. In such circumstances we will endeavour to return to empty your garden waste bin as soon as possible.

As part of this form, we will ask you for your email address. This is so we can keep you up to date on your order/any service issues.