Animal related licences

Zoo establishment licence

Any establishment which keeps animals for public display, other than a circus or pet shop, will need a zoo licence.

Before you apply for a zoo licence you must give us at least two months notice that you intend to apply.

You must also publish a notice in at least one local and one national newspaper, and display the notice at the planned zoo site and send a copy of the notice to us - two months before you apply for a zoo licence.

Please remember, you may also require planning permission for a zoo. Visit our planning section to find out about planning permission. 

There is a licence fee and the fee you will pay will depend on the information you supply in your application. The following supporting documents will also be required as part of your application:

  • site/location plan
  • plan showing proposed layout of the zoo
  • planning permission
  • animal accommodation plan
  • annotated drawing or plan of animal accommodation
  • entrances and exits plan
  • annotated drawing or plan of entrances and exits to the premises
  • stock list
  • press notice
  • public liability insurance certificate
  • employer's liability insurance certificate 

Apply for a zoo licence