HMO licences

Apply for an HMO licence

If you are the owner/manager of a house in multiple occupation (HMO) that is rented out to five or more people, who form two or more families, and who share facilities such as a bathroom, kitchen, sink or toilet, you must get an HMO licence.

Licences cannot be transferred to another property, or to a different person. If circumstances change, you will need a new licence.

As a landlord, it is your responsibility to apply for an HMO licence, and to wait for its approval, before letting out the property to five or more people, who form more than one family. Failure to get a licence could result in a fixed penalty notice (fine) of up to £30,000.


Licence fee £850
Plus cost per bedroom above 5 £75 **
Renewal licence fee £850
HMO immigration inspection  £215

* To a maximum fee of £4,500

** To a maximum fee of £5,000

We have adopted minimum standards for HMOs. Please read our HMO amenity standards guidance before filling in the application form.

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