Pavement licences

How to apply

Documents you will need

  • Public Liability Insurance minimum £5,000,000
  • Plan of the area you wish to use, detailing boundaries, measurements, location of all furniture/barriers
  • Photographs of all items to be placed in the licensed area (tables, chairs, barriers, heaters, planters etc)

Once your application is valid, we will provide you with a Public Notice, which must be displayed in a clearly visible location on your premises for a minimum of 5 working days starting the day after submission of a valid application.


The fee for an application is £100.00. Please ensure you have a credit/debit card ready.

Application process

Your application will go through a 5 working day consultation period. This allows responsible authorities and/or other parties (for example, residents and other local businesses) to make representations in relation to the application. Once the consultation period is finished, the licensing authority may take a further 5 working days to either grant or refuse the application.