Geographical Information System (GIS) overview

Our corporate geographical information system is a great way to present potentially dry data that would normally be in tables or words in a way everyone will understand.

Our GIS team can provide a comprehensive range of spatial and mapping services that cover all aspects of the district - from historical mapping, to ward and parish boundaries.

What we can provide on a map

  • Aerial mapping and other imagery data
  • Historical mapping
  • The location of council buildings
  • The areas of ground the council maintains
  • Ward and parish boundaries
  • Planning and development Information
  • Council tax bandings for properties
  • Fire and police call information - such as where burglaries or fires have been reported from
  • Flood mapping
  • Fly-tipping locations
  • Health data
  • Adopted and unadopted roads
  • Refuse collection maps
  • Salt and gritting routes
  • Deprivation maps
  • Speed limits
  • Tree preservation order locations
  • New build locations and properties under construction
  • Neighbourhood statistics
  • Royal Mail database
  • Winter weather forecasts
  • Traffic route information and delays for major roads such as M6 Toll, A38 and M42
  • And lots more!

Contact the team

For more information about the services we can provide, email [email protected] or call us on 01543 308763.

Online geographical information

If you would like to access geographical information about Lichfield District and its surroundings, please use the following links: