Kings Bromley neighbourhood plan

Kings Bromley parish council are in the process of preparing a neighbourhood plan for their area. This page provides the latest information in terms of their progress.

Neighbourhood area designation

The Kings Bromley neighbourhood area has been designated, having been approved 19 December 2019.

Kings Bromley Parish Council applied to us for land within our boundary to be designated as a neighbourhood area in December 2019 (in accordance with Regulation 5 of The Neighbourhood Planning Regulations 2012, as amended).

The parish council provided the following information as part of their application:

The application for the neighbourhood area designation was for the whole of the Kings Bromley parish only. We therefore designated the neighbourhood area as requested and no public consultation on the application was required (in accordance with The Neighbourhood Planning Regulations (2012, as amended) Regulation 5A).

For further information please email the team or call 01543 308192.