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Ecology, local plans, trees, urban design and conservation

Ecology and biodiversity

The ecology team provide guidance and ecological advice to the council and its customers on protected/priority habitats and species, policy, and climate change.

They ensure development achieves biodiversity net gain and deliver numerous countryside management projects.

They also work on other schemes to deliver the aspirations of the Nature Recovery Network with a vision of bigger, better and more joined up habitats.

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Planning policy and the local plan

The team create the local planning polies to which development management base their decisions, as well as monitor planning agreements and the community infrastructure levy.

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Trees, hedges and woodland

The team provide guidance and advice on all things arboricultural including trees and hedgerows.They also support the development management team in this area.

They also determine applications for works to protected trees and hedgerow.

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Heritage and urban design 

The team provide guidance on planning applications affecting historic buildings and conservation areas. 

They also provide urban design advice on planning applications relating to both large and small developments, as well as monitor the condition of the district's heritage.

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