Make changes to a business property

Commercial properties within conservation areas have limited permitted development rights. As such, you will usually need planning permission to make a change to your business premises, including:

  • extensions to a shop or office
  • alternations to shop fronts
  • installing external security shutters or grilles
  • changes to the use (use class) of the land or buildings

If your property is a listed builidng (or part of), you will also need to apply for listed buildings consent for any internal or external alterations. Find out more.

If your business is based in a conservation area, you need to find out more about what this means for you, before you consider undertaking any work to the exterior of your business. Find out more.

Visit our planning section to find out more about planning permission.

About use classes

Use classes were updated in 2020 as follows:

Use class (before 1 September 2020) What is included Current use class (after Sept 2020)
Class A

A1 (shops)

A2 (financial and professional services)

A3 (restaurants and cafes)

A4 (drinking establishments)

Class E
Class B B1 (business) Class E
Class B

B2 (general industrial)

B8 (storage or distribution)

Class B
Class C

C1 (hotels)

C2 (residential institutions)

C3 (dwelling houses)

C4 (housing in multiple occupation)

Class C
Class D

D1 (non-residential institutions)

D2 (assembly and leisure)

Class E
Sui generis Suis generis is a latin term that, in this context, means 'in a class of its own'. Certain uses are specifically defined and excluded from classification by legislation. Sui generis

Building control advice

Whether or not you need planning permission, you will need building control advice, which helps to make sure that government-set building regulations are met in new builds, extensions and existing buildings. Find out about our building control service.

Get pre-application advice

If you need planning permission, we recommend you consider using our pre-app service - this can save you time and money in the long-run. Find out about our pre-planning application service.

Any questions?

If you have any further questions, please submit a planning enquiry which costs £90 per enquiry.