The planning application process

Step five - we make a decision on your application

The majority of planning applications received are determined under delegated powers conferred to officers under the council's constitution. Generally applications  are reported to the planning committee if:

  • significant planning objections  are raised by a parish / town council and officers are recommending approval
  • a councillor of Lichfield District Council has called in an application
  • it is on/relates to council owned land
  • the applicant is either a councillor of Lichfield District Council or an officer of the council
  • there is a S106 legal agreement pertaining to 2 or more obligations

If your application is considered by the planning committee, you may wish to attend the meeting. Find out more.

The government encourages us to make decisions on most applications within eight weeks. For major applications we aim to make decisions within 13 weeks.

We do our best to make decisions in these timescales but sometimes decisions can take longer. The planning officer handling your application will let you know when to expect a decision from us.

Applicants / agents are notified electronically of the decision for their planning application/s.