Difference between planning and building control

Developers on site at a building site

If you are carrying out building works, even if you don't need planning permission you will need building regulation approval.

Building control inspect new building works to make sure they meet the standards set out in building regulations including:

  • Make sure that acceptable standards of health and safety are achieved in and around buildings.
  • Specify minimum standards of performance for important building design elements such as structural stability, weather resistance and fire safety.
  • Set minimum standards for access and facilities for people with disabilities.
  • Specify measures to control energy consumption.

These are not things that are checked by the planning team.

Find out more about building control consent.

Planning permission, in simple terms, is getting legal approval that you can do a certain piece of building work from the local council. 

It is your responsibility to seek planning permission, if required., before carrying out any work - otherwise we may take enforcement action against you. To find out if you are likely to need planning permission for your project, we recommend you select the 'find out if I need planning permission' drop down on our planning enquiry form

If you need further guidance or support, why not submit a planning enquiry which costs £90 including VAT and our team will get back to you within 3 working days.

If you need both planning permission and building control approval, you will need to make two separate applications.