Self build and custom build homes

How much does it cost to register?

It costs £100 (+VAT) to register which is payable in 28 days after you are notified your application has been successful.

If payment is not made within 28 days, you will be removed from the register. 

If you then register again, you will be required to pay the fee upfront, prior to assessment. W reserve the right to refuse subsequent applications where the fee is not paid.

Where an application is from an association of individuals, each member of the association must pay the fee.

Please note that to remain on the register, an annual subscription of £50 is required (payable on 30 April each year).

How to pay

You can pay online or call 01543 308000 and quote ‘self build payment’.

Registration and subscription fees

Registration fee £100 (+VAT) 
Annual subscription fee   £50 (+VAT)