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Copy of a tree preservation order

We have introduced a new front facing IT system for protected tree data across the district.

ezyPortal displays all tree preservation orders (TPOs) made by the council and the extent of the conservation areas.

ezyPortal enables a map based address search for properties within the district and allows immediate identification of the tree preservation orders and conservation areas affecting the property.

It also enables you to download TPO documents as a PDF free of charge.

Instructions for use of ezyPortal

  1. Type the desired address into the search bar, a drop down will appear which should contain the address you require.
  2. Single click on the address. The map will automatically zoom to that address.
  3. Any TPO’s and vonservation area will be shown.
  4. To access a TPO document, double click on either a TPO tree or polygon.
  5. A pop up appears, click the box in the centre. A further pop up appears. Scroll down to the bottom to ‘Documents’ and there is a green ‘View’ button. Click this button which downloads the PDF of the TPO.
  6. The buttons in the top right hand corner of the download screen allow you to save or print as required.
  • All TPO’s are shown in red. Individual TPO’d trees are shown as a circle with a T plus a number i.e. T1
  • TPO’d Groups, Areas and Woodlands are shown as polygons with either G, A, or W followed by a letter i.e. G1, A1 or W1.
  • All Conservation Areas are shown in brown.

ezyPortal link

Please note that ezyPortal will not work properly with the Internet Explorer browser. Please use a modern browser such as Chrome, Firefox etc.