Why we recycle

Let's have a quick chat about recycling. Ever wondered why it's so awesome? Here's why:

Fresh Air & Clear Skies: When we recycle, we cut down on all that messy business of digging up and refining raw materials. The result? Cleaner air and purer water for all of us to enjoy. 

Hugging our Resources: Mother Earth has given us some fabulous natural treasures, but they're not endless! By recycling, we're giving these resources a much-needed hug and ensuring they last longer. 

Wildlife High Five: Every time you toss something into the recycling bin, you're helping protect our beautiful ecosystems and the wonderful creatures that call them home. Imagine fewer trees being chopped and less ground being disturbed. That's a win for Bambi and friends! 

Less is More: With recycling, we reduce the mad rush for raw materials. So, the more we recycle, the less we need to take from our planet. Simple, right? 

Energy Saver: Here's a fun fact! Making new things from recycled materials uses WAY less energy than starting from scratch. Think of it as the energy-saving mode for the planet. 

So let’s  come together and make recycling a habit. For our homes, our neighbourhoods, and our planet!

  • Reduces the need for extracting, refining and processing raw materials, which create air and water pollution.
  • Conserves natural resources, which are finite and in short supply.
  • Protects ecosystems and wildlife by reducing the need to grow, harvest or extract new raw materials from the Earth.
  • Reduces demand for raw materials.
  • Saves energy by reducing the amount of energy required to make new things.

Ideas for recycling

  • Organic waste – compost
  • Clean out containers before recycling
  • Break down cardboard before recycling
  • Use a reusable straw/coffee cup
  • Print on both sides of paper
  • But second hand/ thrift shopping
  • Buy recycled products
  • Put recycling bins in the main rooms of the house
  • don’t use a bag in your recycling bin
  • remove bottlecaps from recyclable bottles
  • reuse plastic grocery bags
  • reuse what you can