Road works in the district

The majority of roads in our district are either commissioned or carried out by Staffordshire County Council.

They carry out a programme of maintenance and improvement works to ensure local roads are safe and sound. 

Staffordshire County Council's website has an interactive map of current and planned roadworks in the district:

If you have an issue with county council roadworks (for example they are causing an obstruction), please report it to the traffic and network team through

Can I claim compenstation if roadworks are affecting my business?

Staffordshire County Council roadworks

There is currently no statutory compensation available to businesses affected by road works carried out by the county council. 

This is because the government considers businesses do not have a right in law to any particular level of passing trade, and traders must take the risk of loss due to temporary disruption of traffic flow, along with all the other various risks of running a business.

Therefore, there is no statutory provision for compensation if a business is affected by roadworks carried out by the county council (also known as the highways authority).

Utility company roadworks

If you have an issue with roadworks that are being carred out by utility companies (for example gas, electricity etc), and this is having a direct negative impact on your business, you can report it directly to the company who has commissioned or is carrying out the works (for example the gas or electricity company).

Some utility operators consider claims of economic loss (i.e. losses to profit for some business types caused by roadworks).

If you wish to find out more, or want claim compensation, you will need to contact the utility company carrying out the works directly.

There will usually be signage on the roadworks barriers and contact details to advise you who to contact. If not most utility operators have a complaints facility on their websites.

Motorways and temporary road closures

Local motorways are the responsiblity of the Highways Agency. Find out about current and proposed road works on the Highways Agency's website.

Please note that roads may also be temporarily closed due to street parties, parades or other events - see our temporary street closures.