Temporary road/street closures

Occasionally, when a large event (such as a parade or carnival) is scheduled, it may be necessary to close one or more streets temporarily.

This is known as a temporary closure of streets order.

Upcoming temporary road/street closures

For a full list of upcoming temporary road/street closures, please see our dedicated downloads page

Please note that road closures due to roadworks are not listed here.

How to apply for a road/street closure

If you would like to apply for a temporary street closure notice for a street party or event please send an email or write to:

Democratic and Legal Services, Lichfield District Council, Frog Lane, Lichfield WS13 6YU

Please apply at least six full working weeks prior to your event, giving full details of the exact street/roads you would like to close, the times you would like to close them, the dates of the event, and purpose of the event.

We strongly recommend you also find out about whether or not you need any licences in place for your street party or event.