About abandoned vehicles we remove

We investigate reports of abandoned vehicles in the district, and have the power (under the Refuse Disposal (Amenity) Act 1978) to remove vehicles that we determine the keeper has no intention of returning to. Our powers also cover trailers and caravans.

About abandoned vehicles on private land

If a vehicle has been abandoned on private land, including a car parking area, we serve a notice on the landowner, and ask for consent to remove the vehicle. After the expiry of 15 days, we may enter onto the land taking all possible care, and remove the vehicle.

What we do with vehicles we remove

We store the abandoned vehicles we remove. If your vehicle is removed, please call us on 01543 308999. We will ask you to prove that you own the vehicle and also pay the appropriate fines and storage charges, which are prescribed by law and not set by the council. Removal fees start at £150, rising to £300 depending on the type of vehicle. The fees for storage for 24 hours or part thereof start at £20, and rise accordingly up to £35 per 24 hours or part thereof. The statutory fees are laid down in The Removal, Storage and Disposal of Vehicles (Prescribed Sums and Charges) Regulations, 2008.

Report an abandoned vehicle