Apply to host an outdoor event in the district

If you are organising an event for the public on public land, the city/district streets or in a district council owned park, you need to make sure you have the right plans in place to ensure the health, safety and welfare of anyone working at or attending the event.

You will need to apply for permission if your event:

  • will be open to the public and is likely to attract more than 500 people at any one time during the advertised opening hours
  • will involve one or more consented activity (street trading, alcohol or entertainment) or may require a formal road closure.

You must first submit an expression of interest form, which will be considered, before we can let you know whether or not your event can be accommodated.

Please do not not make any firm arrangements or take bookings until you hear back from our team. 

We recommend that you submit your event organisers expression of interest form at least six months before your planned event, however if your event is large-scale we would advise you to submit it sooner.

You will also need a range of other measures in place which are detailed in this section. 

Note: You do not need to submit an expression of interest if you are looking to organise a street party for national celebrations, street play or games. For those events, please apply for a road closure instead, to enable these activities to take place safely.