Apply to host an outdoor event in the district

Minimum requirements for outdoor events

To host an outdoor event in the district, you must ensure the following is in place:

  • you must have public liability insurance of at least £5 million per claim to cover the event.
  • depending on the size and scale of your event, you may need to provide a draft event management plan to us at least six months before the first day of the event - read our event guidance online handbook to find out more. We will advise you of your deadlines once you submit your expression of interest. 
  • you must submit the final event management plan to us at least one month before the event. This includes:
    • risk assessments
    • insurance details
    • traffic management
    • stewarding provisions
    • emergency procedures
    • fire safety
    • additional street cleansing
    • plan and stall layout, etc.
  • you must attend safety advisory group meetings where applicable (these are established for larger events) and take responsibility for agreed actions where necessary.