Apply for street trading consent

About applying to trade at a street-based special event

If you would like to trade on our streets at a special event you will need to apply for a street trading consent.

If you are an event organiser and want to apply for a special event subsidy, find out more.

  • The street trading licence fee must be paid in addition to any stall/event booking fee you may be charged by the event organiser, and the application processes are separate.
  • Applications for a street trading consent can take up to two weeks to process.
  • You will only be able to select from approved special events in the form - if the event is not listed, it has not yet been registered as a special event, so please contact the event organiser.
  • If you are planning to sell food you must be registered with the local council where your business is based, and have a minimum four star Food Standards Hygiene Rating (find out more).
  • If you are not food registered and your business is based in Lichfield District, find out how to register.
  • Remember, you may also need other licenses/permits - such as alcohol licenses (such as a TEN) and charity collection permits.
  • Licence fees are non-refundable, even if the special event is later cancelled - read our street trading policy to find out more.


 Consent type Fees

Food and drink stalls requiring a food hygiene rating

£60 a day and £10 for each subsequent day 


Non-food and drink stalls without the requirement for a food hygiene rating

£30 a day and £10 for each subsequent day

How to apply

If you want to trade at a special event, you will first need to contact the event organiser and book your space at the event.

The event organiser will then send you a link to a form on our website for you to complete to request a street trading consent. 

We are sorry but we do not provide the link direct to traders, as it is vital you first book and confirm your slot with the event organiser.