Street trading consent traders application (non special event)

Key facts:

Please fill in this form to apply to trade on streets in Lichfield District - whether that's a fixed pitch every week (e.g. a burger van), a mobile unit (such as a travelling ice cream van), or an occasional street pitch.

If you want to trade at a special event (for example as part of an advertised festival) please apply to trade at a special event.

As part of this form you will be asked to provide:

  • Details of your stall/vehicle, including exact measurements and a photo.
  • Details of your public liability insurance (including certificate).
  • Details of your food registration and hygiene rating (including certificate) – food businesses only.

It is not possible to save your application and complete it later, so please ensure you have these electronic documents (word, .pdf. .jpg) to hand before you begin.

Payment and fees information 

The licensing team will contact you upon receipt of an application and take the relevant fee.

A one-year licence (for pitches in laybys for example) costs £1,881 (equivalent to £7.53 a day).  A one-year licence can be payable by Direct Debit.  A roaming consent is £157 per month.  An occasional consent is £43 for the first day and £22 for each additional day if booked at the same time.