Our financial procedure rules and standing orders overview

Our financial procedure rules provide the framework for managing our financial affairs and contribute to good corporate governance, internal control and the management of risks. They also help sound administration, reduce the risk of irregularities and support the delivery of effective, efficient and economical services.

We work to spend the money we receive from council tax, business rates and from the government wisely and efficiently, and are accountable for how we spend money, how we select suppliers, and how much we spend. We have a no PO, no pay policy to enable efficient processing of supplier invoices.

Our annual budget book sets out how we will spend revenue and capital to deliver services in the coming year and looking towards the future. Our statements and summaries of accounts set out how we have spent in a set period. Our data website allows you to look at and query our spending in detail.

If you have any concerns about how we spend our money, please contact our external auditor.

Download our budget book, financial procedure rules, contract procedure rules and capital strategy.