Apply for hedgerow works

How to remove a hedgerow

There are regulations that set out criteria that must be used by us in determining which hedgerows are important. The criteria relate to the value of hedgerows from an archaeological, historical, landscape or wildlife perspective.

Find out if you can remove or work on countryside hedgerows that you own or manage on

If you propose to remove a hedgerow, or section of hedgerow, you must give us six week's prior notice in writing. 

If the hedgerow meets the required standard, we may serve a hedgerow retention notice.

How to apply

The best way to submit your hedgerow removal notice is via the government Planning Portal Alternatively, you may download and submit the hedgerow removal notice form.

Please include a plan that clearly shows the location of the hedge and the part to be removed.

Once we have received your notice, we have 42 days to respond.