Woodlands and felling licences

If you plan to remove a tree that is not in a garden, orchard, dedicated public open space or churchyard, you may need a felling licence from the Forestry Commission.

Many woodlands in the district are also protected by tree preservation orders. Consent for the removal of protected woodland trees may also be needed and we recommend you check first.

About felling licenses

Felling licences are issued by the Forestry Commission and are intended to protect Britain's woodlands and forests.

You may need a felling licence before removing individual trees or small groups of trees as well as trees in woodlands or forests.

Further information on felling licences can be found in the Forestry Commission's booklet 'Tree Felling'.

Grants for woodland management

The Forestry Commission administers grants to help with the planning, planting or maintenance of woodlands.

Information about the grants is available through the Forestry Commission website.