Voting at a polling station

Polling stations by ward

You can look up your polling station using our polling station finder. Just enter your address or postcode into the search box and choose your house from the drop down list. A blue pin will then appear that will show you where to go to vote.

Alrewas with Fradley

Alrewas Methodist Hall, Post Office Road, DE13 7BS

Fradley Village Hall, Hay End Lane, WS13 8NL

Mobile Polling Station Playground at Worthington Road, Worthington Road, WS13 8PG

Armitage with Handsacre

Armitage with Handsacre Village Hall, Shropshire Brook Road, WS15 4UZ

Kings Bromley Village Hall, Alrewas Road, DE13 7HW

Boley Park

Boley Park Community Hall, Ryknild Street, WS14 9XU

Boney Hay and Central

Boney Hay Primary School, Chorley Road, WS7 2PF

Chase Terrace Primary School Infant Block, Rugeley Road, WS7 1AH

Mobile Polling Station Off Robinson Road, Robinson Road, WS7 2LN

Mobile Polling Station, Chase Terrace Community College, Bridge Cross Road, WS7 2DB


Friary Grange Leisure Centre, Eastern Avenue, WS13 7SQ

Mobile Polling Station at Collins Hill and Greencroft, Oakenfield, WS13 7JB

St Chads Scout Hall, The Leasowe, WS13 7HD

Chase Terrace

St Johns Community Church, High Street, WS7 1LR


Burntwood Leisure Centre, High Street, WS7 3XH

Chasetown Methodist Church, Queens Drive, WS7 4YE

Colton and the Ridwares

Colton Village Hall, Bellamour Way, WS15 3LN

Mavesyn Ridware and Hill RIdware Village Hall, Uttoxeter Road, WS15 3QR

Mobile Polling Station Shoulder of Mutton Public House Car Park, Yoxall Road, WS15 3RZ


Curborough Community Centre, Reynolds Close, WS13 7NY

Lichfield Social Club, Purcell Avenue, WS13 6TS


Fazeley Town Hall, Lichfield Street, B78 3QN

Mile Oak Community Centre, Coronation Avenue, B78 3NN

Hammerwich with Wall

Chasetown Methodist Church, Queens Drive, WS7 4YE

Hammerwich Womens Institute Hall, Burntwood Road, WS7 0JL

Ridgeway Primary School, Grange Road, WS7 4TU

Wall Village Hall, Watling Street, WS14 0AW


Burntwood Memorial Institute, Rugeley Road, WS7 9BE

Highfields Primary School, Elder Lane, WS7 9BT


Darwin Hall Community Centre, Heathcot Place, WS13 6RQ

Martin Heath Hall, Christchurch Lane, WS13 8AY

Little Aston and Stonnall

Little Aston Village Hall, Little Aston Lane, B74 3UF

Stonnall Youth and Community Centre, Main Street, WS9 9EE


Farewell and Chorely Village Hall, Shute Hill, WS13 8DA

Gentleshaw Primary School, Darlings Lane, WS15 4LY

Longdon Village Hall, Brook End, WS15 4PN

Mission Church Hall, Fox Lane, WS13 8HB

Mease Valley

Clifton Campville Village Hall, Church Street, B79 0AR

Edingale Village Hall, Moores Croft, B79 9LJ

Harlaston Village Hall, Manor Lane, B79 9LE


Shenstone Village Hall, Barnes Road, WS14 0LT

St John's

District Council House, Frog Lane, WS13 6YY

Holy Cross Community Meeting Room Holy Cross Church, Chapel Lane, WS14 9DX

Holy Cross Parish Hall, Chapel Lane, WS14 9DX


7th Lichfield Scout Hut, Ash Grove, WS13 6ET

Cruck House, Stowe Street, WS13 6AF

District Council House, Frog Lane, WS13 6YY

Guildroom Guildhall, Bore Street, WS13 6LX

Lichfield City Football Club, Brownsfield Road, WS13 6BX

Life Church Lichfield, Netherstowe, WS13 6TS

Summerfield All Saints

Burntwood Methodist Church, Cannock Road, WS7 0BJ

Springhill Primary Academy, Mossbank Avenue, WS7 4UN

Whittington and Streethay

Coton and Hopwas Social Club, School Lane, B78 3AD

Elford Village Hall The Shakespeare Room, Church Road, B79 9DA

Regimental Museum Whittington Barracks, Tamworth Road, WS14 9PY

Streethay Primary School, Yoxall Way, WS13 8FT

Whittington Village Hall, Langton Crescent, WS14 9LR

Wigginton Church Hall, Comberford Lane, B79 9DN