Robotics programme

computer, tablet and phone with questionnaire displayed on screens

We are proud to be working with UiPath technologies to provide automated processes to teams which allow them to stop undertaking repetitive work and focus on delivering top quality services to our residents.

What is robotics?

Robotics works by performing tasks that would normally be carried out by a staff member, and can include uploading/downloading documents, putting information into systems for staff to work on, and producing documents from provided information.

Our approach to robotics is all about removing repetitive tasks from skilled team members and giving them back time to process customer queries quicker or in more depth, thereby delivering a better service to customers overall. 

Examples of our robotics processes include:

Planning process

  • Our planning process runs overnight to upload documents for the planning team to process, something that that used to be manually uploaded each morning.
  • Data is then ready at the start of the day for the team to work on.
  • Not uploading large quantities of documents during the working day, which historically slowed down the planning system performance, has also helped the wider team.
  • This automation delivers 864 hours of capacity saving each year, allowing staff to focus on serving customers and processing planning applications.

Revenues and benefits process

  • Our revenues and benefits process runs overnight to upload documents for the team to process.
  • The revenue and benefits process requires a critical level of accuracy to avoid issues with benefit payments - the automation ensures 100% accuracy which is not achievable with manual processing.
  • The automation delivers 1.5 hours of capacity savings every day, which equates to 390 hours a year, allowing staff to focus more on serving customers

In the pipeline 

The team have a list of processes in the pipeline for delivery over the coming weeks and months including:

  • Trade waste annual billing
  • Old planning documents archiving
  • Loading planning/building control applications into the planning system
  • Customer services data collection 

Contact us to find out more

We are keen to share our learning so far and to inspire other council teams to consider implementing robotics.

If you would like to find out more, please fill in our website feedback form and our digital team will contact you.