Street name and numbering application

Key facts:

If you are converting/building a property that will result in the creation of new address, or are building a new development with multiple homes/new roads, please complete this form so we can set up your new addresses - otherwise your new property(s) won't be official and won't be recognised by other organisations, such as the Royal Mail and utility companies.

We recommend you apply as soon as you have received planning permission, and well before any new build or conversion is substantially complete.

Small developments

We aim process applications for simple house name changes/numbering new properties within ten working days, however if we have any queries we need to speak to the Royal Mail about, it can take a further five working days.

Large developments

If you are building a development with multiple homes/roads, the process can take up to three months, or longer, so please plan well ahead.

A charge applies for street naming and numbering, so please have your credit or debit card handy. The amount you will pay depends on the number of houses/streets you are applying for - find out about fees.