Street naming and numbering

Apply for a new street, house or property name or number

Whether you are converting/building a property that will result in the creation of new address, or are building a new development with multiple homes/new roads, you must apply for new addresses from us - otherwise your address(es) won't be official and won't be recognised by other organisations, such as the Royal Mail and utility companies. 

Unless there are serious problems for occupiers, Royal Mail or emergency services, requests to rename or renumber a street are not usually
approved. The process is complex, as all parties, at their expense, need to inform the relevant bodies of any agreed changes.

We aim to process applications for simple house name changes/numbering new properties within ten working days, however if we have any queries we need to speak to the Royal Mail about, it can take a further five working days.

If you are building a development, the process can take up to three months, or longer, so please plan well ahead.

We recommend you apply as soon as you have received planning permission, and well before any new build or conversion is substantially complete.

It's worth remembering that utility companies (water, electricity, internet and gas) are unable to install services without an official address/postcode, so a delay in applying could result in delays to services to your new property(s).

Download our detailed guidance to find out more.

Apply for a new street/house property name/number