Food business right to reply request form

Key facts:

We inspect and rate all food businesses in the district in line with the Food Standards Agency (FSA) food hygiene rating scheme. Visit the Food Standards Agency website to find out how scores are calculated.

If you own/run a food business in Lichfield District which was recently inspected and you are unhappy with your food hygiene rating, you have a 'right to reply' to tell your customers what you have done to rectify issues found at the inspection, or to explain why the inspection does not reflect the food hygiene standards in your business.

A 'right to reply' is not for making complaints or for criticising the rating scheme, or food safety officer, who carried out your inspection.

Your reply will be reviewed by the food safety officer who inspected your premises within five working days.

It will be edited to remove offensive or defamatory or clearly inaccurate statements only, before being published next to your food rating on the, alongside your food rating and a statement that highlights the accuracy of your comments have not been verified by the food safety team.

There is no charge for a right to reply. 

Alternatively, find out how to appeal your rating (within 21 days of receiving your notification letter) or ask us to re-rate your premises (this costs £175).