Apply/renew a vehicle (hackney or private hire) licence

You will need a vehicle licence if you want to use a vehicle as a taxi (hackney carriage) or private hire vehicle.

  • We have very specific rules around what type of vehicles can operate as a taxi (hackney carriage) and private hire vehicles – we recommend you read our guidance before applying.
  • You will also need to apply for a taxi driver (combined hackney and private hire) licence if you want to drive the taxi/private hire vehicle – find out more.
  • You will also need to apply for an operator’s licence if you want to operate a private hire company and take/process bookings – find out more.

Before you start, please make sure you have the following information ready:

  • Details of your vehicle including registration details/dates, make, model, colour and capacity.
  • Details of your car insurance, including a scan or photograph you can upload.
  • Details of any vehicle modifications and a scan or photograph of the relevant conversion certificate you can upload.
  • A photograph or scan your V5 log book
  • A photograph or scan of a valid certificate of compliance (provided by Terry Turner Autos Ltd)

If for any reason you are unable to upload any documents, you can bring them in. If you are not in possession of any documents, we would advise you to wait until you are before you apply.

Payment is also taken online as part of the application. Please have your credit or debit card handy - find out more about the fees you will pay.

Please fill in this form to apply for or renew a vehicle licence.