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Gambling (AWP), machines and lottery permits

 The Gambling Act 2005 introduced a range of permits for gambling which are granted by licensing authorities. Permits are required when premises provide a gambling facility. Holders of alcohol-licensed premises gaming machine permits and club permits are also required to comply with codes of practice, drawn up by the Gambling Commission on the location and operation of machines. Information on this code can be found on the commission website

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Statement of principles (gambling policy) 2019-2022

The statement of principles outlines the policies we will apply when carrying out the functions detailed in the Gambling Act 2005. The statement is prepared every three years and the current statement came into effect on 31 January 2019, after a period of consultation and following approval by a full council meeting.

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Alcohol licensed premises gaming machine permit/notification

Holders of alcohol-licensed premises (under the Licensing Act 2003) are automatically entitled to two gaming machines in their premises. If you have a licensed premises and wish to have up to two gaming machines, you need to notify us using the alcohol licensed premises gaming machine permit notification form.

We may also issue licensed premises gaming machine permits for any number of category C or D machines in licensed premises. Where a permit authorises the making available of a specified number of gaming machines in a particular premises, this will effectively replace and not be in addition to, any automatic entitlement to two machines under Section 282 of the Gambling Act 2005. To apply for permission for more than two gaming machines, fill in our alcohol licensed premises gaming machine permit notification form.

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Club gaming permits & club machine permits

Club gaming permits
Under Section 271 of the Gambling Act 2005 we may grant Members' clubs and miners' welfare institutes (but not commercial clubs) club gaming permits which authorise establishments to provide gaming machines (as well as equal chance gaming and games of chance). To apply fill in our club gaming permit and club machine permit application form.
Club machine permits
If your club does not wish to have the full range of facilities permitted by a club gaming permit, or if you are a commercial club not permitted to provide non-machine gaming, you may apply to the licensing authority for a club machine permit under Section 273 of the Gambling Act 2005. This authorises the holder to have up to three gaming machines of categories B4, C or D (i.e. three machines in total). Members' clubs and miners' welfare institutes (but not commercial clubs) are entitled to site category B3A gaming machines offering lottery games in their clubs. However the limit of three machines remains. To apply fill in our club gaming permit and club machine permit application form.

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Family entertainment centre gaming machine permit

Family Entertainment Centre's (FEC's) are most commonly located at seaside resorts, in airports and at motorway service centres, and cater for families, including unaccompanied children and young persons. Unlicensed FEC's are able to offer only category D machines in reliance on a gaming machine permit. Any number of category D machines can be made available with such a permit (subject to other considerations, such as fire regulations and health and safety, which will not be issues for the licensing authority under the Gambling Act). Permits cannot be issued to vessels or vehicles. To apply, fill in our unlicensed family entertainment centre gaming machine permit form.

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Small society lotteries

From September 2007 the Gambling Act 2005 replaced the provisions of the Lotteries and Amusements Act 1976 and from that date those Societies registered with Lichfield District Council under the Lotteries and Amusements Act 1976 were automatically registered under the Gambling Act 2005. For new applications we are required to refer to the Gambling Act's definition of a Small Society Lottery, which falls into two distinct areas: Society Status and Lottery Size. Applications must be in the form prescribed and the principal office must be in the area. More information can be found on the Gambling Commission website:

Contact the Licensing team on 01543 308066 for more information.

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Prize gaming permits

Section 288 of the Gambling Act 2005 defines gaming as prize gaming if the nature and size of the prize is not determined by the number of people playing or the amount paid for or raised by the gaming. The prizes will be determined by the operator before play commences. We can issue a prize gaming permit to authorise the provision of facilities for gaming with prizes on specified premises. To apply, fill in our prize gaming permit application form.

Table of machine categories

Download our table of machine categories.

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