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Section 106

Section 106s are an agreement between the council and a developer, where the developer agrees to provide contributions to offset negative impacts caused by a development.

Planning obligations are legal contracts made under Section 106 of the 1990 Town and Country Planning Act. They are generally entered into by agreement between councils and landowners, although a landowner may also offer a unilateral, one-sided Section 106 obligation.

Historically, contributions have been accepted for affordable homes, open space, public transport infrastructure or services, footpaths/cycle-ways and community facilities (e.g. health, leisure and education facilities). A list of S106 projects can be viewed to show where the funding was spent during the last financial year.

S106 spend 2014-2015

We have adopted a community infrastructure levy (CIL) and information on this can be viewed using the left hand navigation. To make sure that developers know what types of infrastructure CIL is intended to fund a list of all the infrastructure types, called a Regulation 123 will be published.

Section 106 cannot be charged on infrastructure listed on the CIL Regulation 123 list, however. Section 106 obligations, or planning conditions, will continue to be used on a site by site basis to secure certain items.

More information on S106 and planning obligations can be found via the planning practice guidance.

A new developer contributions SPD has been adopted. If you have any questions please email our team at or call them on 01543 308152.

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